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Xique-Xique (Urubu) – Advanced Investments Group: Formerly BrazIron Limited

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  • 100% BrazIron owned
  • Itabirite Ore: In-Situ grades 28% – 45% Fe
  • High Quality Processed Ore 63% – 68% Fe
  • JORC compliant 430.6 million tons of iron ore @ 24,8% Fe
  • Final Report approved by the Brazilian Department of Mining (DNPM)
  • Feasibility Report (PAE) and Mining Application already submitted
  • Well established location for transport and water and energy availability
  • Full, detailed independant Transport Study completed
  • Excellent options to aggregate value: pig iron and ferromanganese

BrazIron_Project Location Map_290615

The Xique Xique Project comprises 12 granted Prospecting Permits covering an area of 21.6km². It is located 70km north of the township of the same name in central-northern Bahia state, approximately 615km west-northwest of the state capital of Salvador. The town and project respectively lie adjacent to and straddle the São Francisco River

The Xique-Xique Project has a JORC of more than 430.6 million tons of iron ore with 24.8% Fe concentration.


The resource estimation has been prepared in accordance with the JORC Code by qualified independant Geologists, CSA Global, in respect to the methodology applied and the quality of the underlying analytical and geological information.

The Urubu and Morro Fundo deposits form the northern and southern halves respectively of a semi-contiguous belt of iron mineralization. It is deformed into a series of anticlines and synclines, with dips ranging from sub horizontal to steeply dipping. The magnetite-rich quartzites are extensive, covering the majority of the permits.

In order to maximise viability, two main options of value aggregation have been studied and deemed viable: pig iron and ferromanganese, both fully supported by the project’s location.


The Xique-Xique Project is favourably located with retrospect to infrastructure, just 70km north of the township with the same name in central northern Bahia state, approximately 615km northwest of the state capital Salvador. The town and the project lie adjacent to and straddle the São Francisco River.

An independant study by PEK Teknep Overseas Engenharia Ltda. established ten different routes to export the product, all with origin in Xique-Xique terminal located 42km north from the town to five different ports destination. The ports considered in the study were Aratú and Ilheus/Porto Sul in the Bahia state, Suape in the Pernambuco state, Pecém in the Ceará state and Cabedelo in the Paraiba state.

Transport systems were selected in order of efficiency in regards to the fuel consumption that is one of the main operational costs and ability to operate in a flexible manner as dedicated system or as part of a modal system. Barges and trucks costs were estimated with a more than acceptable level of accuracy with use of quotes and fresh prices and costs. A comprehensive collection of available data from public, private and other entities were selected and analyzed aiming to extract the most secure data or information to support the study.

Route cost