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Global Dynamic Group Limited (“Global”) is a 100% privately owned company that owns and operates two substantial silica smelting complexes in China through its subsidiary companies, Hubei Sanxin Silicon Co. Ltd and Gansu Sanxin Silicon Co. Ltd, located in the Hubei and Gansu Provinces, respectively. Global also operates and holds mining licenses over four silica mines, with one mine located in Hubei and the other three mines in Gansu.

Last year in 2014, Global sold in excess of 23,000 tonnes of Chemical Grade Silicon Metal and 21,000 tonnes of Silica Fume. Together these sales generated in excess of US$54 million of revenue. The sales projection is forecast to increase  in 2015 through 2016 and eventually culminating in a potential revenue turnover of US$750 million when all 20 smelting units are commissioned and operating at, or near, full capacity. Global has spent over US$300m in recent years constructing its plants and has recently commissioned its twelfth 33MVa furnace with a further eight (8) under construction, which will result in Global being the largest producer of silicon metal by capacity in the world.

Global is:

  • The largest and best quality silica ore mines in East Asia with:
    • 119 million tons proven reserves – JORC resource report underway;
    • Up to 500 million tons prospective resources;
    • Average SiO2 content 99.6%;
  • The world’s largest production capacity of silicon metal:
    • 300,000 t/a;

Global will employ over 700 people and sells its silicon products to international customers such as Dow Corning, Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. and Wacker Chemie AG, as well as supplying the Chinese domestic markets.

  • Complete industrial—production—chain;
  • Leading silicon smelting technology with IP;
  • Proven track record in Safety, Health and Environment;
  • Qualified and experienced management team;
  • Good corporate citizen with sound community relationship;
  • A leading enterprise in non-metal mining and silicon processing industry in China;





  • Chemical grade silicon metal (Fe% less than 0.4%) – core product;
  • High quality, low impurities, high added value, for high-end market;
  • Increased demand by applications in chemical industry, new energy, electronics and  automobiles;

Refined_Low_Iron Quartz_Sand

  • Referring to the iron content of less than 80ppm, size range of 20 to 140 mesh quartz grains, processed from high quality quartz ore by crushing, grinding, magnetic separation and flotation;
  • Mainly used to produce ultra-white glass, which is used in solar thermal technology, such as solar cells, solar power, photovoltaic glass curtain wall;


  • Total metal impurity content of less than 20ppm, and particle size of 40 to 140 mesh;
  • Made from natural quartz or crystal, through the process of crushing, screening, magnetic separation, flotation, wash, drying, calcination, heat chlorination;
  • Mainly used in electronics, optical industry, fiber optic, crucible, all kinds of quartz products;