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Company Profile – Advanced Investments Group: Formerly BrazIron Limited

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Advanced Investments Group (formerly: BrazIron Limited) is an exempted company incorporated in Bermuda.

Its mission has evolved from being a mineral exploration and development company with integrated metal production capacity to being a significant investor in various advanced mineral resources internationally. The Board of Directors has developed a strategic plan to achieve this goal with a flexible strategy that will continue to evolve as internal and external influences dictate.

The Company has spent a number of years developing and advancing its Iron Ore projects in Brazil. This has culminated in a significant JORC compliant Iron Ore Resource in the Urubu Project at Xique-Xique, which is currently awaiting mining approval by the Brazilian Department of Mines (DNPM).

In parallel to these developments, Advanced Investments Group identified changes in the global financial markets in 2014, as well as specifically within the Iron Ore sector. This initiated the Company to be proactive in minimizing cash expenditure whilst also looking for areas in which to diversify.

As a result, the Company purchased 64% of Safety Barriers WA – An industry leader in safety barriers installation in Western Australia.

Advanced Investments Group’s investment in Safety Barriers WA is an essential part of the Company’s future, with potential opportunities for a significant return on investment.

The Company will continue to manage the investment in Safety Barriers WA and investigate new value-adding investment opportunities whilst continuing to maintain its cash preservation strategy. Advanced Investments Group believes this combination is the best way forward in order to return value to its shareholders.